Who is the Foodie? It doesn’t really matter. Bacon is god. Wine cures anything. If you believe those two facts, then we’re going to get on fine. This means you have discovered the power of food to make life better. This knowledge is imperative to the art of living well.

This is NOT a restaurant review site. Though I do feel mine is a sufficiently-qualified opinion. I’ve worked in top restaurants in Cape Town and eaten in the best in New York (aka the food capital of the world), having lived there for several years. I’ve worked in the wine industry for the past 7 years. I’ve made and marketed wine. The point is I know food. I know wine. I work and live for both of them on a daily basis.

This site is simply a documentation of the eating experiences of a Cape Town foodie. Someone that loves food. The unprocessed kind you find at farmers markets, neighbourhood delis and quality restaurants. This blog celebrates that good side of life, the side that is filled with real food, delicious wines, artisanal beers and homemade grappas.  Yes, the occasional bit of ‘junk food’ is acceptable. I’m not a snob, and can appreciate a boerie roll and a pint as much as a foie grois terrine with some dessert wine. Both can generate enormous pleasure, and that’s exactly what this blog is about.

So, in the words of the great Mario Batali, aka Lord of Bacon, “Wretched excess is barely enough.”Eat up and enjoy.

David / The Foodie.

Mail me: thefoodie.co.za@gmail.com

12 responses to “Who?

  1. I like a man (you are male, right?) who can shoehorn a reference to Jack Black and low-key debauchery into every review.

    Nicely done. Even if you do eat bacon.

  2. who ist the foodie, i like! Kind of keser sose muriul!

  3. oooh yesss the bacon is god!

  4. Yes, we want to know who you are!!

  5. I love bacon and wine too — look forward to more posts

  6. The taste of fried bacon fat is. the. most. glorious taste in the world. Love bacon. Love wine (but sometimes it don’t love me, and that’s the truth). Love your blog!

  7. a pale ale and a prego then…

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  9. Love your blog! I’m just getting mine set up, so its cool to see what you guys are doing in Cape Town – I’m missing the mother city, so its great to read what you’re up to

  10. Sorry, I think I’m being a ditz, but please tell me how to subscribe for email updates? Thanks! Cool site by the way. S.

  11. I just found you via Twitter. Read your latest risotto recipe. And I think I’m in love.

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